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The Tour de Bretagne is open to all classic, historic and replica cars built before 31 December 1994 - although we will accept more modern vehicles if they are particularly interesting.

The event isn´t a rally but a leisurely, untimed drive in the company of fellow enthusiasts. The Tour route on both Friday and Saturday is no more than 130 miles long and, where possible, follows scenic back roads through the un-spoilt Breton countryside with ample time allowed for you to explore some of the towns and villages along the way.

The first day will start on the morning of Friday 22nd June near St Malo enabling participants to travel on the previous day or evening Brittany Ferries services from Portsmouth. Most clients opt to make their own ferry arrangements although, if you prefer, we can make these travel arrangements for you.

On Saturday 23rd June we´ll be following a route through the lovely Finistere countryside and, each evening, we´ll rendezvous at the Oceania Hotel in Quimper - a good 4-Star hotel. The entry fee of £650 for a crew of two includes accommodation and dinner each night.

On Sunday you are free to return home or to extend your stay in Brittany.


Manoir de L’Automobile at Loheac